Griezmann Sign In Latest List Of The Near Star Player To Arsenal

Griezmann Sign In Latest List Of The Near Star Player To Arsenal

A surprising fact came from Antoine Griezmann Atletico Madrid mainstay attacker was actually almost uniformed Arsenal in the summer of 2013.

At that Griezmann still strengthen Real Sociedad. He gets information from his former agent, Eric Olhats if Arsene Wenger is interested in him. In fact, at that Griezmann willingly refused some offers from other clubs in order to join Arsenal.

However, after waiting until the last hours of the summer transfer window closed, Wenger finally did not also bid for Griezmann.

“I waited, waited, and kept waiting, when there was no news, Eric contacted Grimandi (Arsenal talent scout), who said Wenger was still interested in me and kept waiting,” Griezmann wrote in his auto biography.

“A few hours before the stock closes, he tells us that Arsenal will not bid.”

“I do not like being told something and then it does not happen. So when a few months later Eric told me that London was interested again, I said ‘Forget it, after the rejection they gave us.’ ”

Arsene Wenger is known to be good at kissing the talent of young players. However, he also has a reputation almost bring in talented young players who eventually became a star to the skuat.

We certainly remember the story of how the players who are now a legend like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo, even Lionel Messi who almost joined Arsenal when they were young. (Source: Metro)

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